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Fish Vaccination

Manual Vaccination and Machine Vaccination

Fish Vaccination

Highland Aqua Team employs highly skilled and experienced fish vaccinators who can gently and efficiently vaccinate a high number of fish – all while minimising stress levels for the fish.

We offer both high-quality machine vaccination and manual vaccination.

However, machine vaccination will offer you a higher rate of speed and consistency, and with less stress to the fish.

Fish Vaccination

Our teams also track performance, including fish counts and sorting results. They deliver quality daily reports re traceability and audit requirements to meet RSPCA Standards, and to evidence results from the vaccination process.

After years of use, our Engineer and Machine Technicians know the NFT machines well. We ensure proper calibration of doses and set off correct injection point at every start-up.

Where does Highland Aqua Team Vaccinate?

Fish Vaccination

Highland Aqua Team currently vaccinate in Scotland, England and Ireland.
Please contact Mike Sutherland via email at for discussion if interested in having your fish vaccinated.

Why Vaccinate your Fish?

Fish Vaccination

Vaccines reduce diseases and reduce the need for antibiotics and chemicals, thereby limiting the pressure on the environment.

They also contribute to a sustainable, profitable growth in fish farming.

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