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Our Innovations

2010 – Introduction of Fresh Water Fish Net Services


H.A.T introduced their Fresh Water Fish Net services into the Scottish fish farming industry, offering their net service and winter storage to the fish farmer for their nets. H.A.T also offers washes and repairs for bird nets, top nets and tarps.

Farmers record accordingly and notify H.A.T of the nets that are ready for full service or a simple repair or amendments. On arrival nets are kept in an abounded area to prevent cross contamination they are then washed with fresh water, sanitised, strength tested via calibrated net strength testing machines, tests are taken above water line, middle and bottom of the net and results are recorded accordingly.

Our team of highly skilled technicians closely inspect each net and repair and insert patches where necessary or amend a net to the fish farmer’s specification i.e. add weighted line, amend/add in or take out socks etc.

Each net is recorded accordingly to the original manufacture’s own unique code via the attached data tag on the net , H.A.T certify the service of the net for its return to the fish farmer which can then be assessed by the farm’s auditors.

2016 – Introduction of Pharmaq Fishteq’s NFT20


H.A.T introduced Pharmaq Fishteq’s NFT20 into the Scottish and Irish fish farming industry via H.A.T’s innovation of making the NFT20 machines into a bespoke mobile vaccination unit.

The NFT 20 delivers one vaccine into the body cavity of the fish. Machine vaccination offers the same great quality of hand vaccination but at a higher speed and consistency with the increase in productions.

2018 – Upgrade to NFT25


H.A.T upgraded its bespoke mobile units to NFT25, this enabling H.A.T to deliver two vaccine formulations intraperitoneally through one needle.

The vaccines can be of different formulations, such as water-based and oil- based at the same time.

It comes with a specially developed duo – adapter that ensures that all individual doses are perfect mixes of the two vaccines being administered. H.A.T’s NFT25 can also administer three vaccines via one injection

2020 – Upgrade to NFT30


H.A.T upgraded its bespoke unit to NFT30, this meaning that the bespoke units can now deliver one or two vaccine injections intraperitoneally; In addition, the NFT30 has a special DNA module that is capable of delivering a DNA vaccine intramuscularly, into the fillet of the fish.

All models are capable of vaccinating 2.4 fish per second at full capacity.